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This is a placeholder post, the comments for which are meant to be a place for suggesting three hundred and sixty-five grown-up (or at least not moronic or banal or jejune) topics for blogging. I have two post topics, so I'll put them in the comments. Please, anyone should feel free to contribute. [personal profile] sabotabby's idea was to start actually blogging the topics on January 1st 2013. Ambitious!

ETA: I have corralled what suggestions there have been so far, and added some, and we are 1/10th of the way to 365 topics. Hm. I should probably put this behind a


Day 1: Have reading and writing changed (in utility, in purpose, in percentage of literacy, in any way) since the advent of video?
Day 2: What would it take to bring down the capitalist system -- but replacing it with socialism (whatever you want to call that post-capitalist economy where people rather than profits are the priority) rather than barbarism?
Day 3: What's worse, the fact that kids these days wear baggy pants, or that they won't get off my damn lawn?
Day 4: What do you do to keep yourself from mentally/emotionally/physically stagnating?
Day 5: If you could take a year off work and volunteer for a cause you believe in, what would you choose to do, where would you choose to do it, and why?
Day 6: How is your life now different from what you expected as a child? How is it similar?
Day 7: What do you think are the most important things to make a relationship work?
Day 8: What behaviors do you think will kill a relationship?
Day 9: Do you believe in "once a cheater, always a cheater"?
Day 10: What aging related cosmetic interventions would you consider, if any? Why or why not?
Day 11: Do you believe people or society have meaningfully changed, in terms of human-nature behavior, in your lifetime? If so, how?
Day 12: How can we reestablish poverty as an evil to be combated in US society?
Day 13: Should Texas secede?
Day 14: What did you expect to be doing at this age, when you were young? How does it compare with the actuality?
Day 15: If you could go back and correct one big mistake, would you, or are you content with where it's led you? Are the good times generally worth the bad?
Day 16: What skill would you like to pick up or improve in the next few years?
Day 17: What would your life be like now without the internet?
Day 18: What does a good life look like, in a generation where there's little access to meaningful work and family relationships are flexible?
Day 19: When would have been the best time to live?
Day 20: What social networks are you on? What features do they have that appeal to you as opposed to others? What's your ideal social network?
Day 21: Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in love at all?
Day 22: Could there be a secular progressive religion-substitute which provided the benefits of religion (community, emotional and spiritual welfare) without the militant atheism?
Day 23: How do you define a meaningful life?
Day 24: Are there any minoritarian takes on what has happened in history (I am avoiding the phrase "conspiracy theories") that engage your curiosity for one reason or another?
Day 25: What is this War on Obesity all about?
Day 26: If you could time travel and be a time-anthropologist for a while, without sticking out like a sore thumb (you have the language and clothes and appropriate money and a reasonable back story) when and where would you go? (I might repeat this question more than once; I can think of several time periods to write about)
Day 27: Why do you think people delude themselves that getting rid of anonymity makes the world a nicer place?
Day 28: Who is a historical figure you find interesting, and why? (Again, this is repeatable multiple times)
Day 29: What fiction that you have read recently would you review/recommend?
Day 30: What nonfiction that you have read recently would you review/recommend?
Day 31: Why is the idea of "class" so nebulous in the United States -- as opposed to, say, Britain.
Day 32: Who is a teacher you recall fondly -- from middle school? (also, other blog topics, from high school, from college, from grad school)
Day 33: What's your current favorite sci-fi/sitcom/any genre TV show and why? What's so appealing about it?
Day 34: What technology that exists now could you not really imagine as a child?
Day 35: Pro baseball, or pro football?
Day 36: What are the books from your childhood that stay with you?
Day 37: How do you feel about aging?
Day 38: Do you think it's possible to maintain your privacy in this networked age?
Day 39: Why cats?
Day 40: Where is going to be the best place to live in 2050?
Day 41: What is your attitude toward, or involvement with, your television?
Day 42: Where do you think you'll be in 20 years?
Day 43: What should they have taught you at school?
Day 44: What's your favorite tea?
Day 45: Is commerical radio still relevant? If no, why not? If yes, what do you listen to?
Day 46: The Beatles or The Stones?
Day 47: What's your favorite unusual snack?
Day 48: Dylan or Springsteen?
Day 49: Describe one (or more than one) favorite toy from childhood.
Day 50: What do you think about the American Transcendental movement? Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman and all those folks.
Day 51: What 'guilty secret' reading do you do?
Day 52: Predict future technology -- say, 50 years from now.
Day 53: What do you think about religion, any religion?
Day 54: Describe a compelling historical figure, and say why (second iteration)
Day 55: What cities can you imagine living in?
Day 56: What is a recent pop cultural source of irritation for you?
Day 57: Thoughts on Wikipedia?
Day 58: Do you have experience of depression (or anxiety, or other like issues) and does writing about it ever help?
Day 59: Genres of music you do not like
Day 60: What do you think about crafting? (Theory about it or practice of it)
Day 61: What fiction that you have read recently would you review/recommend? (second iteration)
Day 62: What is your experience with making -- or breaking -- habits?
Day 63: Best alcoholic drink?
Day 64: Last interesting movie you saw in the theater
Day 65: Have you met and made friends with anyone online "IRL"?
Day 66: Do you have thoughts on the open-source movement?
Day 67: What are your opinions on anonymity/pseudonymity/using "real life" names and the way "real life" names are being pushed by Facebook/Google, etc?
Day 68: Your picks for the Oscars? (I'll change the order of this one when it becomes relevant)
Day 69: Gun Control? US culture and violence?
Day 70: Availability/stigmatization of mental health care?
Day 71: Ten most needed reforms, absent revolution (for the moment)
Day 72: Can humans reverse the damage done to this planet by our industrialization, etc?
Day 73: Can China pull off a world empire?
Day 74: Let's do another round of "what are you currently reading and is it any good?"
Day 75: the Google car -- a good idea?

12/16/12: now at 75 topics! Twenty more and we'll be a quarter of the way through the year. I hope the contributions keep coming in. S-J, where are you? Also, [profile] slantedeyes65, where are YOU? And everybody else, more please, more!

1/2/13: I will keep trying to add topics, but at this point what I think I am going to do is just dip into this about twice a week, so that I have topics to write on whether or not I am inspired to write in LJ (or DW, whatever). My niece is finally blogging, but she chose Blogger, sigh.
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