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This is a placeholder post, the comments for which are meant to be a place for suggesting three hundred and sixty-five grown-up (or at least not moronic or banal or jejune) topics for blogging. I have two post topics, so I'll put them in the comments. Please, anyone should feel free to contribute. [personal profile] sabotabby's idea was to start actually blogging the topics on January 1st 2013. Ambitious!

ETA: I have corralled what suggestions there have been so far, and added some, and we are 1/10th of the way to 365 topics. Hm. I should probably put this behind a cut. )

12/16/12: now at 75 topics! Twenty more and we'll be a quarter of the way through the year. I hope the contributions keep coming in. S-J, where are you? Also, [profile] slantedeyes65, where are YOU? And everybody else, more please, more!

1/2/13: I will keep trying to add topics, but at this point what I think I am going to do is just dip into this about twice a week, so that I have topics to write on whether or not I am inspired to write in LJ (or DW, whatever). My niece is finally blogging, but she chose Blogger, sigh.
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Oh, my god, the relief at being able to fucking post to LJ... I mean, I imported the rest of my recent entries to Dreamwidth, yes, but it is being insanely slow at loading, too, and ... well, here are my issues with it -- I don't really care about what [ profile] nihilistic_kid critiques as being spammed by them a billion times a week about trolling -- I don't think I actually get those emails in my inbox; they stay at DW, where I ignore them, knowing that of the 72 emails in that inbox, none are from anyone I actually know. HOWEVER, here are ye Issues, and if you know of solutions, or whatever, tell me:

1. There doesn't seem to be a profile page with a place for writing out one's numerous and recherché interests. How, therefore, can I search interests, other than in the clunky way of laboriously thinking up an interest and typing it into the search interests field, which then gives me only a page of icons and titles of various DW journals (most of which, when I just did this, hadn't been updated for 78 weeks).

2. Relatedly, it's hard to see who other people are "reading", e.g. friended to, without such a User Info page. Maybe there is one, and I'm just missing it? With interests listed and a short bio and a list of friended journals? You know, like LiveJournal has?

3. Of people I know here, LITERALLY only five have found me and friended me there -- [ profile] oursin, [ profile] springheel_jack, [ profile] florence_craye; [ profile] ironed_orchid; and [ profile] sabotabby.

4. Can't list the music you're listening to -- I mean, I guess I COULD, by hand, at the bottom of any given entry. But I won't always remember. I sort of like that feature.

3. DW, too, is loading pages at a snail's pace.

Okay, now REALLY, the next entry (should LJ remain open for business for a while, today) will be on the topic of all things Hindi related. So, if any of the between 13 and 24 of you who read this journal want to be on THAT filter, please comment on that post.

ETA: Okay, I have seen the profile page and updated my interests, so that helps somewhat



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