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It came up, as a topic. And it's not as stupid as most of the other topics that came up.

I love murals. I love Diego Rivera, and Thomas Hart Benton, and most of the WPA muralists -- and the Coit Tower murals, OH, I love those -- and most large scale murals I see. Two gorgeous ones have been painted in my neighborhood, though in one mural there are almost no politics, and in the other, they're... somewhat odd? It seems to be a mural of European settlement of California, showing Californian Indians dying when exposed to the Spanish and the Americans, and their ghosts, or spirits rising up, nakedly vaporous, over the Bay going to... Heaven? Unclear.

I wish I could have these two halves make a whole, but I suspect each photo is too wide. The newstand features "The Masses", and "The Daily Worker"


One of my sister's best friends is a muralist, living in the Basque country. This apartment I am in was, in fact hers, before I sublet it from her, and then took over the lease. She's amazing, VW. I wish I had photos of some of her stuff (also, in fact, of the two neighborhood murals... I wonder if they exist online? I will look).

The mural celebrating what used to be a train station, but which no longer is:


The mural showing the odd ascent of Indian spirits:


As for me, I designed a mural in middle school which, oddly, was intended to be sort of half of a Rose Window -- that is, abstract stained glass. It was painted on a table top, so it wasn't exactly a mural. And I painted one with other teachers and students at the first school I taught at, in West Oakland. I drove past the school (which has been reopened as a KIPP school and a small public "West Oakland Middle School") and discovered that they've painted that mural out. Nice. I generally feel like what I imagine visually, I cannot convey, in paint. I can in pencil or pen and ink or colored pencils. But not paint, of any sort.
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... a celebrity I don't enjoy? That would be most of them. Another teenage topic, I swan.

Let's see. I wanted to succeed in going to my grave without knowing what Justin Bieber looked like, but I think I failed to reach that goal, if only because of the semi-Bieber themed Glee episode. I don't enjoy the Hilton-Kardashian-Windsor famous because they're rich or royal celebrities. I don't enjoy most political celebrities. I don't really enjoy celebrity is the truth, I think. I like people who are famous for doing something well, who nonetheless seem like they MIGHT be kind of regular if given a chance. Or people I can IMAGINE are like that, like, e.g. John Cusack, Stephen Rea, that guy who always stars in John Sayles movies, and played an excellent Wobbly. I like scientist celebrities, like Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Stephen J. Gould, Lewis Thomas, Marie Curie. And I like left wing political or historical celebrities, like most revolutionaries.

Which reminds me, I need to have a list of African-Americans that I come up with myself to talk about each day of February in my social studies class, though we are studying medieval Japan right now. But that was the mandate from the office, today. I guess I like being given free rein to bring in whomever *I* want to talk about. Okay, the first few are done; I will work on the rest this weekend.

Feb. 1 -- Olaudah Equiano -- Enslaved Nigerian, worked in American colonies, wrote first recognized slave autobiography which became crucial propaganda in the abolitionist movement in Britain, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African [1745-1797]
Feb. 2 -- Crispus Attucks [1723-1770]
Feb. 3 -- Phyllis Wheatley [1753-1784]

Feb. 6 -- Nat Turner [1800-1831]
Feb. 7 -- Mary Jane Seacole [1805-1881] (thanks, [personal profile] springheel_jack!
Feb. 8 -- Joseph Cinque [1814-1879]
Feb. 9 -- Frederick Douglass [1818-1895]
Feb. 10 -- Madam C. J. Walker [1867-1919]

Feb. 14 -- W. E. B. DuBois [1868-1963]
Feb. 15 -- Zora Neale Hurston [1891-1960]
Feb. 16 -- Bessie Coleman [1892-1926]
Feb. 17 -- Langston Hughes [1902-1967]

Feb. 21 -- Josephine Baker [1906-1975]
Feb. 22 -- Fannie Lou Hamer [1917-1977]
Feb. 23 -- Lorraine Hansberry [1930-1965]
Feb. 24 -- Hank Aaron [1934- ]
Feb. 25 -- Angela Davis [1944- ]

Feb. 28 -- Octavia Butler [1947-2006]
Feb. 29 -- Little Bobby Hutton [1950-1968]

Now I have to go grab a bunch of Hiroshige images and put them in iPhoto and then on a flash drive, to show as a slideshow tomorrow in class.
And a couple of them are cheating, if cheating means that I already had the artwork on hand, so to speak. Maybe I'm really doing this meme because I've wanted a scanner for SO long. Expect childhood photos any day now. Or any hour, at the rate I'm going. I should put these all under an lj-cut, shouldn't I? I don't want to.

For [ profile] speedofthought:

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The rest will be under this cut )

This meme was lots of fun. I haven't just sat down and drawn stuff for a long, long time. Sorry, [ profile] springheel_jack, yours was the hardest because I couldn't find any of the photos I remember on your LJ, of haircuts and such. So that's largely a fiction. Then again, you may prefer it to be somewhat anonymous. And [ profile] raptis, I know I'm waxing nostalgic here; I sort of promised myself not to constantly cite the Bases Tour... but I couldn't help it. I was going to put in a reference to our blistered feet and riding in the injured van, but I didn't. [ profile] foolishowl -- I could have done better with more time. Liam, I love this drawing, old though it is. And [ profile] speedofthought, I thought about a picture of you I remember pretty well, but I preferred to play on your pleasure in soccer and our united admiration for Jane Addams. I hope the images aren't TOO gigantic, even behind the cut.



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