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I am sitting at my desk, home from school before six o'clock, which is great, drinking a fantastic home brewed orange and raspberry flavored India Pale Ale from [personal profile] microbie, and it is so good. I was just talking with students today about how everybody in the Middle Ages drank ale, and cider, including children, because it was easy to get sick from germ-filled water. I was telling them about "small ale" and about "alewives" who made the batches of ale, which were tested by a village elected official to make sure they were strong and not watered and basically, good, and about how the brewers often put in various herbs, so you had to strain your beer.

Thank you very much, B. and T.! This is exactly what I needed for Friday evening. The beer got here, by the way, a week ago, but I haven't had a chance to appreciate it until now.

Thank Fuck it's Friday.

PS. In a Devlin update, she is sitting between my arms in front of my keyboard, just as Rilke used to do. In many ways, she shares some of Rilke's best qualities -- she's loyal, affectionate, wants to follow me from room to room, guards me from the terrible threat of water when I am in the shower... she and Maya are not best buddies, but they tolerate each other.



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