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Wow, an old-fashioned meme, apparently from somewhere called VillageCharm, via Microbie:

Most Enjoyable Current Work Assignment:
Start Date:
5 Favorites:
Recently read book:
Recently screened movie:
Local restaurant:
Place you’ve ever visited:
Secret talent:
In another life, I might have had a career as a (blank) and I have had a job as a (blank).

Name: I love my name; it's from a John Steinbeck novel and few other women have it -- bizarrely, my last Assistant Principal had the same first name as me, and I really liked her. She got a job as a high school principal and is gone, sigh.
Most enjoyable current work assignment: showing Dorothea Lange and other WPA photographers' portraits of farmworkers, and then more recent pictures, and then the UFW organizing campaign and Cesar Chavez, as a powerpoint (yeah, I'm behind the times) to my sixth grade students, while they wrote their reactions to the pictures and then discussed them at their tables; then we read an excerpt from "The Circuit" by Francisco Jimenez, and had a whip-round discussion where everyone gave a comment or asked a question -- and my 8th grade Teaching Assistant was so interested he wanted to take part in the discussion and also wanted to find the book, which, reading between the lines is most likely because his parents or other relatives were farmworkers. I love that kid. For some reason he annoyed all his teachers last year except me.
Start Date: November 18th, 2003
5 Favorites: English breakfast tea -- loose leaf assam; books -- electronic! Ha, too many to name, but I currently have 1046 on my iPad; music -- electronic, also! Ditto, too much to choose from -- 7823 on iTunes; animals -- cats; dolls -- Sunshine Family dolls from the 1970s. I know, that last was pretty random.
Recently read book: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacsson -- christ, what an asshole.
Recently screened movie: Man, hard to recall. There haven't been many great movies of late... I liked the last Bollywood movie I saw in a theater, Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwaani.
Quote: "50,000 deep, and it sound like thunder when our feet pound streets" -- from Blue Scholars, song of the same title, about Seattle and the anti WTO movement -- I am still a sucker for a mass demonstration, when it's really mass and not just rote habit by nearly professional activists.
Local restaurant: Hmmmm... Saul's Deli, in North Berkeley on Shattuck... very good deli food including good chopped liver, and matzo brei, and matzo ball soup and kreplach and and and...
Place I've ever visited: Um, Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Portugal... but so long ago, now! And all over Canada and 48 of the 50 states (not Hawaii nor Florida, yet). I'd like to go to Ireland, India, Mexico... back to Britain and France.
Secret talent: Catching things I've dropped before they hit the ground.
In another life I might have had a career as an archaeologist and I have had a job as a translator and interpreter of French.

Date: 2013-09-30 05:27 pm (UTC)
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Ha! VillageCharm is one of my DW/LJ friends.



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